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Social Engineering

Assess your users’ awareness of phishing scams and cons that might trick them into divulging account credentials, letting Trojans into the network, clicking on malware, or visiting malicious websites.

Testing your organization's ability to detect Social Engineering schemes is a great way to assess your organization’s level of competency around IT security. When preceded or followed by IT Security Training, Social Engineering tests can reinforce the importance of IT security diligence and demonstrate the real-world threats and vulnerabilities that employees contend with daily.

Social Engineering through email phishing is one of the biggest security threats that organizations face. Aporia Solutions’ recurring phishing assessments are designed to train employees by exposing them to phishing schemes that resemble real world attacks and immediately provide feedback when an employee falls for the scheme.

Typical engagements include:

  • Monthly, bi-monthly, or quarterly phishing assessments
  • A mix of spear phishing and generic phishing emails
  • Immediate feedback via email, webpage, or application
  • Summary and detailed reports

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